Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ruined Diet As Usual

Ruined Diet plan as usual. But that's okey... I will go to work soon and won't have the time to eat as much as I am eating during this holiday vacation. Also, I will be very physically active again so it's good to burn all the calories I have taken during my vacation. I just need to focus on eating more on veggies and fruits, and on my workout schedule

But it's not bad actually, since I have few days of cleansing my system. I look at my weight and I actually didn't gained that much. I guess because I have been working out even if I was sick. I am also eating a lot of veggies and fruits even if I have been eating a lot of unhealthy foods.

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Reinventing Yourself Today said...

Love your blog overall, we need to spread the information about eating healthy and avoiding the poisons lurking in our food and environment. But it shouldn't be about "dieting", first 3 letter of diet spell "die." It should be about lifestyle change to an overall healthy eating and activity plan. Sharon from