Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dieting For My Sleeping

Busy with a lot of things so I end up missing a lot of my workout schedule. I sure do still sweat on cleaning houses and doing some work inside my house, but it is different to break some sweat when doing some workout. It stretches my muscles and give me good breathing which is good for overall health. I also start eating health food whcih I haven't done for quite some time now. So I always have steamed brocolli and fruits inside my fridge to bring at work for my breaktime.

I am still eager to lose some weight for heath purposes since I am not getting any younger, and also to look good, but I am not going to give extra effort on that because my sleeping routine will be at risk. I will just try my best.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Workout DVDs For Gym

I went to the besement of the newest house that I was cleaning. The old man is already 72 years old and still very healthy and defintely looks a lot younger than his age. You know why? .. he has a litlle personal gym room...He exercise everyday and play a lot with his grandchildren.

Well my basement is small. Eventhough my work insurance covers some of the gym equipments like the treadmill, but I dont have a room. So even if I wanted to, I cant buy even one treadmill. But that doesn't limit my opportunity to workout inside my own house. So I made my own little gym at home hahahah

These are my workout DVDs.. I workout when I have the time even if I have a very busy life. I dont have to go to the gym and spend money for gas and gym fees. I dont even have to spend time going to the gym to sweat. I dont have to buy any big gym equipment to workout inside my own house. Because these workout DVDs does it all..,.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fatigue For Energy

I was so tired. I guess I have been working so hard that's why my energy is so down for this weekend. My hips hurt and I feel so stiff everywhere. It'sprobably because, I work from Tuesday to Saturday right after my full-time night shift work. I lack of sleep and too much physical fatigue. I have no time to exercise. I just used my bodyvibe and like what I have said, I still believe in sweating with regular workout.

Anyway, this week is another busy week for me. I need to make sure that I have enough sleep and have time to do my workout to raise my energy level.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bodyvibe for Faster Metabolism

I purcased this bodyvibe not to stop my regular work out routine but to continue working out on days that I am to busy to workout. I still believe that sweating is very important to release some toxic substances inside my body and help my kidney on doing so. However, since there are some days that I am too busys to workout, this bodyvibe is a big help in helping to relieve my stiffness.

I noticed that my metabolism is faster when I started using this bodyvibe. It is shaking my whole body from head to foot, which makes my body work in just a few minutes, and make my metabolism faster than usual. I have no plan to return it since I want to continue using it as often as I can.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bodyvive On My Busy Days

I was so happy to receive this Bodyvibe that I ordered online last week. I asembled it right away and tried it on. I was so please how it vibrate my whole body. This is perfect on days that I am so busy to exercise. I will simply stand on top of this Bodyvibe for a maximum of 10 minutes and vibrate my whole body. This will help ease all the stiffness on my body.

I will be stretching part of my body that are stiff while the machine is vibrating my whole body. It's like exercising and stretching at the same time for such a short time.

I also felt some relief on my leg after using it for only less than 5 minutes. I felt like the blood flow increases whick relieve all the tireness... Awesome!!!