Saturday, November 8, 2014

Low Carbs, High On Veggies

I thought it will the start of my fitness goals but I failed again. I just did one 30 minutes workout this week. However, I am so happy that I am finally getting started avoiding high in carbohydrates foods, and eat more more veggies and fruits. It's only been this week that I started watching my food intake and I am so happy that I can already feel the difference. My clothes are starting to feel loose.

And even though, I missed so much of my workout schedules, everyday I am physically active both at work and at home. I never stop moving here and there making my sweat all the time. Also, I always make it a point that I jump into my Body Vibe to help loosen up those stiff muscles. I am so busy but I try my best not to be stress and keep focus on what is more important in life. I am happy and thankful.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Workout On Pain

I didn't went to work since Wednesday night because my shoulder is so painful and I cannot turn my head to my right. I guess it is because of my lack of exercise followed by the tour bus vacation. I was sitting and sleeping at the bus for a long time in an awkward position. I had one hour massage therapy yesterday, followed by chiropractic adjustment. I feel a lot better but my headache is still slowing me down. I did my workout this morning to help loosen up the stiff muscles. I feel better but I still have to take tylenol for my headache.

I am glad that I was able to do my workout this morning despite of my headache. I have been wanting to start my regular workout and I really hope this is already the start. I feel so bad looking at my picture on our vacation last weekend because I am so fat. It is very obvious how much weight I gained. So I really need to start working out or I will continue to gain weight .

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Feeling Bad and Sick

Three weeks of no workout and bad diet. I feel so FAT!!!. My clothes are tight and I feel bad about it. I am having a terrible headache since last night because of the sinusitis and perhaps, lack of sleep. I am not sure if I can do any of my workout today because I still feel sick.

I will try my best to start everything next week. Not because I am going to attend any special occasion soon to look good, but simply because, I need to focus on my health. I am not getting any younger and working out plus eating less with healthy choices of food is immportant. Beside, it doesn't feel good to carry those extra Fat around my waist.

Friday, October 10, 2014

More Eating To Come

No workout and eating badly that's why i can feel my clothes getting tight. There are still more eating to go since its going to be the weekend and we will have some people coming over on Saturday for hubby's birthday celebration.  

Gzzzz I better start working out or i will look like those fat ass and be the laughing topic of my haters. hahhaha

Well its not all about my haters but its all about my health. I am trying my best not to get so fat simply for my health. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Workout and Frustrated

No workout last week and this week. Not even today for sure because I feel really tired. I feel bad about it but what can I do?. I don't want to stress myself thinking about the guilt for not working out. Unfortunately, this is also not a good week for my eating habits. I am so BAD this week.. But there are more weeks to come to catch up. hahhaha!!!

I will try my best to do my workout tomorrow to start another frustrating workout week... Life goes on... I am still smiling despite of the all the challenges inside me and everything that is going on with my life. I am still thankful to God for all the guidance. Life is a choice.