Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lack Of Exercise

I know I said that I will do my workout last Friday morning, Saturday and today. But something came up that pissed me off before I did my workout last Friday. Every time this happen, it just ruin my day and my plan. This usually last for a couple of days which totally ruin every health plans I have.

So I wasn't able to do any workout on Friday and Saturday, leaving me 7 workouts to finish this week. And I don't think it will be possible to finish it all since I will have cleaning on Wednesday and most probably on Friday, plus I have few phone calls to make.. Grrrr...

I feel really bad since some friends already already noticed that I gained weight. I probably didn't gain much weight, it just looks like it due to lack of exercise. That's why I really need to focus on my workout schedule, Good thing I sweat a lot last Saturday from my 4 hours cleaning.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Workout Even If Busy

Yesterday was quite a busy day. We enrolled one of my daughter to a driving school and I spend some time fixing our printer. But despite of my busy day, I am glad that I still was able to do a 40 minutes dance workout.

Today, I will do some phone calls and to do a quick clean up, but I will make sure to spend time to do one of the workout scheduled for this month.

However, I feel quite guilty for eating a big breakfast yesterday and today and all rich in carbohydrates. That's why I will make sure to eat less this weekend which is usually hard for me, but I will try my best.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catching Up

Yesterday I did my 35 minutes Latin Dance workout after I did the deep cleaning of my bathroom. I was really sweating after my workout and I feel good.

I will go to Bramalea Centre with my kids so I don't think I can do any of my scheduled workout for today. I will just make sure to do my workout tomorrow.

There are so many cancellation with my part-time cleaning that's why I am trying to take advantage of my time to catch up with my workout schedule until next week, before I start the schedule workout for next month. I hope I can finish it all before I start another set of workout for the month of September.

Monday, August 25, 2014

No Workout For Massage

I didn't do my workout today because me and hubby went for a one hour massage. I feel guilty too, for eating salty breakfast that hubby cooked for me today. It was very sweet of him but his cooking makes me fat so, I just ate a little.

Tomorrow, is my deep cleaning day for our bathroom upstairs. I also need to load the bedsheets plus fold some clean laundry. It will be a very busy day for me but I will try my best to do at least a short workout, I need to burn all these calories and fats around my waist..hehehheh!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Completed Weekend Workout

Finally, I was able to exercise yesterday and today. It is usually hard for me to do my workout schedule on Saturdays because my body is still recuperating from the whole week hard work. And I am glad I was able to do it. I will try my best to complete my workout schedule for this week.

However, I ate a lot of food rich in carbohydrates and I feel bad about it.

This week is not going to be a busy week for me, because bi-weekly Wednesday cleaning is still in England for a vacation and will be back next month, so I hope I can complete this week's workout schedule or perhaps do more.